Monday, October 12, 2009

Everything's So Blurry

1) Paradise
2) Paddy's Pub
3) Bobo's

Well Friday was an interesting night. Knocked off Paradise...of course, a juicy bar. I did try to get the juicies to leave us alone using an interesting tactic. I pretended I was gay. Even told them my "husband" and I were taking our honeymoon in the Phillipines. It was a little scary though how well I pulled that off. I think I weirded myself out of trying that again...Next up was Paddy's Pub. Not a soul in the place except the bartender. The bar had an Irish name, German decor, and Italian food (spaghetti). A really small place, but a good atmosphere. A strange Korean girl from Seoul came in and joined us...Tae Han. It was nice of her to buy us all those drinks, but we're not sure if everything was completely right with her. A bunch of loud dopes came in next, including a drunk Korean dude who we almost pounded into the floor. Luckily all violence was diffused. Tae Han gave us a ride to the gate in her BMW, and that was that.

Saturday JK and I went to a nurse's going away party at Bobo's. We obviously pissed off a bunch of idiots in matching shirts because it appeared we took over their bar. Again, violence almost erupted when some dumbass from Kunsan tried to talk to the nurses...First, he couldn't believe that pretty girls were officers, then he told us that he didn't like hospital people. He still tried to talk to the group, and so we stepped in and told the guy point blank to beat it. He must have seen the Michael Corleone in my eyes, because he quietly obliged. Then we hit up a couple repeats, Wes's Place, that damn country bar that gives me Montana flashbacks, and Woody's, the place with the giant beers, which at that point I couldn't finish.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

And the Video Is In!!!

I was hoping it turned out OK, and it did. I managed to get some video of The Don Jamming with his band of Jucies. He dresses a little different for a show, but I think you can all spot him fairly easily. Jam on Don!!!! We also hit 2 more bars. Paradise and Paddy's Pub. Stories to be told in person, might be considered sensitive information...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We've Turned Into Losers

1) Soul Train
2) Element Club

Dang I have to stop delaying on these posts. We did knock off 2 additional bars this past weekend, but due to significant alcohol consumption and the lag time, I don’t really remember much about them. Soul Train wasn’t a bad bar…They had some kind of fruity drink call the Pink Lake, which was good and strong, but made my teeth hurt the next day. They had a nice window view overlooking Jumi’s, but the best part was the winding fire escape staircase. Not a good option if you’ve had too much to drink. I made sure to go ahead of JK, since I thought he might get stuck. Element Club was across the street, and as much as we tried to avoid this place, it had to be done. It was a juicy bar, which says enough. They had a drumset up on the stage though, and I told the fellas that I was playing that thing before I left. Unfortunately, the owners didn’t leave me any sticks, so I was forced to just jam out with just the kick and high hat. Next time I’ll bring my own sticks and shake the place to the ground. The rest of evening was a blur, and the rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful. No new bars, but we did check out a good live band (Annika) and revisited City Hall.
We’re inching toward the finish line on this damn Pub Crawl. We may make it before we leave.